I have a challenge for you. Step back from the computer for a moment. Grab a pen and paper. Get to a place where you can hear your thoughts, that can be a dimly lit room, a library, your porch or the back seat of your car. It doesn’t matter, you know you.

Take out the pen and paper, close your eyes and think about your target customer. Lock in on a picture of them. What do they look like? What are they wearing? Where are they standing? What are they doing and who are they doing it with? What kind of car are they driving? Do they like reading, if so what books, magazines and blogs. Really get into it.

I want you to write down as many things as you possibly can about what you know about the lives of your target customer. It doesn’t have to be in any type of order, just let it flow. Let the words fall onto the paper like the waters flowing through Iguacu. If the faucet doesn’t turn on quickly, breath in and out calmly with your eyes closed until they do. You can do it. You have to do it, because your business won’t be successful until you really know your customer.

Many of us are just putting up websites with products and fancy words without a thought about who is going to buy and what they like. Let’s not do that, let’s be #customerobsessed. Let’s win our marketplace by surprising and delighting the HELL out of our target customer.

This customer can be as niche as you want. Sometimes the more niche the better for those long tail keywords. Focus in on your customer.

Oh and by the way, if when you did this exercise you didn’t get much on the page, that’s ok, it just means we have some homework to do, which is a good thing. It means we need to start having conversations with our customers, heck even if this exercise was easy you need to have conversations with your customer. See if you can reward them for hoping on Google Hangout to tell you why they like your goofy dog collars so much. Ask them to send you pictures of them in your gear and see what happens. It doesn’t matter if you’ve only had 3 customers, talk to all 3 of them. If you’ve had 3,000 try and talk to as many as possible as it’s never too late to learn about your customers. Get to know them and they will support you because you connect with them.

If you get a chance to do this exercise, give us a call, write a review or shoot us an email and tell us how it went. We would love to hear your feedback.

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