Is your product your passion? It’s ok if it’s not, but it is a basic question, and one that I had to ask myself. On my wall I have this little life reminder that reads “When you do what you love everything else falls into place.” It’s a driving force for me. My passion is coaching and developing people, helping eCommerce merchants and the eCommerce space in general. There’s something about these things that really gets me going, and it’s why I decided to help start Free eCommerce Advice.

But what is your passion?

Passion is not a strategy, but literally something you love so much that [insert cliche quote here]. It’s important because it is what gets you out of bed in the morning. I personally find that it’s like a compass helping me find my true north, or at least what I hope is truly north 🙂

I’m always speaking to entrepreneurs and couple-preneurs who start businesses around what they love and are living out their dreams. If you haven’t already started a business but there is something you love doing that you’ve been thinking about monetizing, sometimes you have to just do it and you’ll eventually figure out how to monetize it.

Most of the teams and businesses I’ve helped build were not from well thought out plans, but were literally a few people who had a light-weight vision and went after it. If you’re passionate about it, you’ll figure it out. If you need some help ideating, feel free to give us a call. We may not have an answer for you, but we do have ears to listen for a spell.


freeeadvice freeeadvice At Free Ecommerce Advice, we provide merchants unbiased, insightful advice on software and service providers. Our goal is to help ecommerce merchants grow and save time by having someone to get guidance, feedback and 2nd opinions. Our team has worked with clients from mom and pop shops to major brands like Kohler, and Nikon. Give us a call at 818-392-4263, if you have questions. Visit Website

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