At Free Ecommerce Advice, our goal is to provide unbiased perspective to and advocate for ecommerce merchants. With our combined decades of experience in ecommerce and technology we know the technology landscape changes dramatically over time. New solutions are created and vetted, but may not become available to all customers either by lack of awareness of platform incompatiblity. We understand that customers run on custom solutions and can consider changes to more standard ones and want to understand what gaps may exist if they did make a change and need unbiased feedback to avoid a potential migration mistake.

Our reviews are from real merchants actively leveraging a particular solution or service provider or having recently migrated from them. We independtly garner feedback or are requested to do so as a 3rd party. We have 3 types of reviews, Online Reviews, Direct Interview reviews and Anonymous Reviews.

Online Reviews

Online Reviews are the more common reviews. They are submitted online and we verify each review with follow up and confirmation of usage with a particular solution or service provider.

Direct Interview

Direct Interview reviews are when we directly contact customers and they provide public feedback on a particular solution or service provider.

Anonymous Interviews

Unlike others, we understand that sometimes platforms and their customers can sometimes disagree. Software companies and solution providers can sometimes go astray. Their customers want a voice, but can sometimes be concerned about backlash. So we allow Anonymous Interviews only for directly interviews customers who can be verified as users or former users of a given platform. Verified anonymity can sometimes provide some of the most insightful feedback of all on a given solution provider.