In our last post, we offered you 16 simple tips to optimize your cart and checkout pages to convert more visitors into buyers. In many cases, this can more than triple sales.

It is not only cart and checkout pages that you should be optimizing for. Another really big opportunity is all your product and category pages.

When it comes to the product page, you probably already know the importance of having product reviews, high-quality images that show off multiple angles of the product and to not just copy and paste the same product copy from your manufacturer or wholesaler catalog. So in this post, we’re going to dive a bit deeper and show you 12 things you can implement this week to help you optimize your product and category pages.

Note: We have carefully curated every example in this post to be small to mid-sized businesses – just like you.

1. Write descriptive product copy that sounds like a human wrote it. Not a robot.
Bidets and toilet accessories aren’t exactly exciting products to buy. So, the last place you would expect to have creative, detailed and human-sounding copy would be a store that sells just that. (probably one of my greatest, branded URLs ever btw) does just that with some compelling, creative product descriptions.


2. Be upfront about any hidden fees and delivery timelines.
Before anyone will buy your product, they have first know, like and trust you. One of the quickest ways to start building trust is to be upfront with your pricing. Yes, that does mean showing any add-on fees and shipping charges right on your product page.

3. Hiding any reviews that aren’t 5 stars.
There’s nothing more fishy than a website that has been awhile that only has 5 stars reviews. According to this BigCommerce blog post, customers who read negative reviews actually convert 67% more often than those who don’t. That’s right.

4. Make sure your category navigation is easy to navigate
Another way to make sure your site is easy to browse and buy from is to optimize your category navigation. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. We actually love this example from Ornament Shop where it is listed alphabetically in simple subcategories.


5. Optimize your category and product page titles and URLs for SEO.
Category pages are probably the most underrated pages on your site. Most people forget that they are in fact landing pages, and often times these category pages rank higher in Google than your product pages. That’s why it is so important to update your category page titles and URLs to be SEO-friendly. If you use WordPress or Woocommerce, Yoast makes it really easy to do just that. (Literally less than a 5 minute fix!). Here’s a quick guide to update these pages.

6. Make it easy to accept bulk orders.
One easy way to increase your average order value is to make it stupidly easy for customers to buy your product in bulk. It is surprising how few ecommerce shops do this. The ones that do have – not as many as they should- only have it on the product page. The reality is many people are going to bulk order on the add to cart and maybe even right on the checkout page.

7. Don’t forget to cross-sell right on the product page.
Another great way to increase your average order value is to cross-sell related products. For example if you sell laptops, an easy cross-sell would be to surface various laptop accessories right as “related products” right on the product page such as laptop stands, cords, etc.

For example, one brand that does a great job of this is JM & Sons.


8. Don’t just cross-sell, up-sell too.
The same applies for up-selling. Many people wrongly think you can’t upsell if you don’t have a couple of different options of the same product at different price points. That’s not the case. Pretty much any brand can utilize upsell techniques by creating product bundles.

Here’s a fantastic resource from the guys over at CopyBloggers for how to create irresistible product bundles.

9. Make it easy to reorder products.
If you have a product that runs out – like food, perishables, supplements, etc, make it as easy as possible for people to reorder on your website. Ideally, you can take this a step further by setting up a reminder email in your email marketing platform to remind them to renew right before the product runs out. For example, if they bought a 90 day pack of supplements, you can send them a reminder email to renew 75-80 days after they purchased it.

10. Surface live-chat right on the product page.
There’s a million reasons why someone wouldn’t buy your product. Establish trust and showing proactive customer service can eliminate some of the barriers. Many people bounce from product pages because they are unsure about a product, have questions, want to do more research or not familiar with the brand.

Having live-chat pop-up discreetly once someone has been on a product page for X seconds can be a very effective way to answer questions quickly and lead to a purchase on your site.

11. Create scarcity.
This is basic supply and demand. There’s nothing that sells products faster than knowing there’s only a limited number left or it is only available for a limited time. Two effective ways to leverage scarcity on your product pages is to include a countdown timer (if a product is only available for a limited time) or to show inventory counts (ex: only 3 left in stock) for your best selling products.

One creative use of a countdown clock is Caravan Coffee Roasters. They showcase when they get their next fresh coffee shipment right on their homepage.

12. Don’t go overboard with discounts.
Discounts work really well in the short-term, especially for first-time shoppers on your site. However, if you throw a discount at every shopper, you are devaluing your products and brand. You are training shoppers not to buy from you unless they see a discount. Unless you have the inventory and reach of Amazon or Walmart, you can’t compete on price alone. That’s a race to the bottom and one that you are unlikely to win.


We’re working on the third part of our ecommerce optimization guide, which you all about how to optimize your FAQ, Knowledge Base and Contact Forms for more sales. If you want to be the first to receive this post in your inbox, please drop your email below.

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